Case Study – Sales Process Digitalization

November 6, 2018 admin

Our customer is a wholesale distributor of cosmetic products supplying retail markets. With more than 20 years experience in the industry, management decided to focus on reducing delivery time in order to improve customer satisfaction.

For that matter, we carried out an initial analysis using our distinctive Digitalization Factor methodology, and decided to work on the automation of the sale orders process.



The Digitalization Factor was used to evaluate the digitization level of the complete order cycle. Results showed that the greatest potential for improvement was in the orders reception phase, which led to a deeper investigation of suitable alternative solutions suitable. Different possibilities were identified and studied to select the ones providing the best results while also matching the organizational culture.

After presentation and review with the management team, the solution was agreed. Its focus was on improving the way of receiving and processing the customer orders.

Two main changes were implemented. On one hand, an automatic order registration system was put in place. This provided the necessary background data to generate an accurate forecast of the demand.

On the other hand, we introduced technology to ease the communication with its customers. Each of the main clients received a small device of that was very simple to use. It has 1 button, which when pressed, automatically sends the purchase order reproducing the criteria of the last one placed. In other words, it saves time and increases the simplicity of repeating orders, with direct benefit both for the distribution company and for its customers.

The Amazon IoT Button technology was used for this purpose.


Replacement of manual and paper order forms with digital devices allowed an increased accuracy of forecasts and data records for continuous improvement.

The implementation of the Amazon IoT Button devices to customers led to an increase in orders intake. Through the simple IoT device, customers reduced loss sales by improving their inventory which also had the benefit of our client increasing sales by 10%.

Last but not least, the orders, now being more repetitive and predictable, were easier to manage. The distribution company was then better prepared to foresee and organise deliveries, reducing its average delivery time by 30%.



You can download the pdf here.


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