Leading Team


Experience in startup creation and development both in Italy and the Netherlands. Entrepreneurship promoter among Italian and Argentinian college graduates. MSc in Management Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, specialized in Digital Markets and Business Innovation. Industrial Engineering at ITBA.

Nicolás Amiano


Multicultural senior executive with over 20 years of experiences in executive and entrepreneurial engagements; expert in business building and wide experience in strategic development, starting-up and operating companies in Argentina, USA, Chile, Mexico, India, Romania and Spain.

Marcelo Amiano


Business Intelligence and digital lean process improvement. Experience in strategic and commercial planning at Mercado Libre. Technology and Entrepreneurship advocate and speaker. Industrial Engineering at ITBA. Trained in Innovation Sciences at the Technical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Ian Petersen


Global strategic communications specialist focusing on clients’ business development and communication integration. Developed major international branding, acquisition and retention marketing programs for global companies including: American Express, AT&T, IBM, Microsoft, Nestle and General Motors. Worked in London, New York and Miami.

Guy White


Founder of Revere & Asoc. Over 30 years, generated +100M USD for Time Warner, Turner, and others. Creator of MIAR methodology, that improves company productivity and culture. Negotiation Strategies in Business (Northwestern University) & Medical Doctor (Università La Sapienza)

Claudio Revere


5 years as Marketing Project Leader for clients such as UPS, Telefónica and others. Customer Service Center developer and manager for Purina and L'Oreal. Specializing in the use of database for localization and personalization of communications. Advertising Degree and Photographer.

Vanesa De Posada