Digital Transformation

Be the disruptor rather than the disrupted

Digital transformation changes the way people, business and technology interact to capture growth opportunities, improve efficiencies and create new sources of innovation that were not previously available.

Leveraging digital technologies is crucial to staying relevant and profitable. Companies lagging in this area risk losing ground to newer entrants that are poised to disrupt markets with innovative products and services.

For Your Business

Our services

1. Shared analysis and evaluation of growth-enhancing solutions

  • We calculate the Digitization Factor (DF), which indicates how much your business can benefit from incorporating technology. Then, we evaluate the possible solutions and the challenges of their implementation.

2. Design of digital solutions applied in:

  • Business: We base our proposals on data analysis. We specialize in Big Data, data standardization, merge and cleansing, presentation and analysis, development of vectors of knowledge.
  • Marketing: We apply technology to improve your marketing actions. We work on your digital ecosystem and strategy, content strategy, xCRM, customer journey and personalization of each point of contact.
  • Sales: Use technology as a leverage to improve sales. We work on sales force automation, information flow digitalization, e-commerce and its micro adaptation.
  • Production and Quality: We increase production and quality management. We work in digitalizing the production process, deviation alerts, prevention alarms and final certification.
  • Product: We evaluate digital evolution possibilities. We propose the incorporation of technology, micro connectivity, IoT and the development of complementary services.
  • Processes: We understand processes, their operation and interaction with people and the functional areas. Through digital tools we increase their efficiency, in harmony with the company’s culture and we generate data to power continuous evolution.

3. Implementation of the solution steps

  • We implement the proposed solutions using the most appropriate resources.


Our methodology

Our 5 step methodology:

  • Understand the current situation: Understand the business and its stakeholders.
  • Analyze solutions: Analyze existing solutions and investigate new ones.
  • Propose and agree: Propose a joint strategy with our partner-client. Consensus on the metrics that define success.
  • Implement: Implement the proposal with the most appropriate resources for the project.
  • Evolution: Evaluate the evolution of the project and its consequent benefits.



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