NewCombin offers nearshore Software Outsourcing solutions for companies ranging from small startups to multinational corporations. We deliver cost effective solutions that exceed expectations.

As a client, you will interact with the leader of your assigned team, offering a guaranteed seamless communication. On site presence will always be available to speed up understanding and coordination.

We work with the best talents across Latin America, in order to reduce development costs and deliver high quality solutions.


Have a defined budget and requirements for a tech project? Let’s start.

With the project-based approach, you will define the requirements, and our team will deliver your project within a specific time and budget.

We will handle all the management and execution risks. Working with the best talent across Latin America we will deliver a high quality, cost effective solution.
Focus your In-house team on the core business delegating work to our specific area experts.


  • Defined goals.
  • Defined specification details.
  • Defined budget and/or time.
  • Small to medium sized projects.


  • Quick project start. Reduce Time-to-Market.
  • Pre-defined cost.
  • No management risks.
  • Focus In-house.

Our Expertise


Outstanding UX is a must for successful digital products. Our UX experts focus on combining quality, design and production to deliver products people love, based on market trends and customer behavior evidence.


We build new products, mobilize existing ones and maintain or upgrade existing solutions. Depending on the business needs, we can take full advantage of a native approach, or maximize code reuse leveraging either a Cross-Compiler or Hybrid approach.


Software architectures need to be flexible, scalable and robust. Based on a deep environment and requirements analysis, our experienced software architects define the right architecture design required to build software products that perform in every situation.


Leverage data and automation to unleash the power of AI and create better product and services. Work with our experts on Deep Learning and traditional Machine Learning to discover how AI can improve your business.


Transform your raw data into real business information. Go beyond regular reports and get actionable insights at the right time. Our data engineers bring together data, business procedures and algorithms to deliver meaningful insights used for decision-making purposes.


Processes automation can lead to large cost reductions. We are technology-agnostic and we´ll recommend and implement the best solution your business needs, ranging from the customization of pre-developed software platforms to custom software development.


Cloud technologies represent a fundamental transformation in the way IT services are developed, deployed and scaled. NewCombin supports companies on their transition to the cloud by combining the latest cloud practices with infrastructure management services.


New software drives you to new opportunities, but exposes your business to new risks. High quality software is a must to succeed. Applying Manual QA, Performance QA and QA automation, our experts will deliver the latest testing strategies to assure high quality products.