Case Study

Platform development to integrate a ground transportation company’s operations

FlexCoah is a Mexican ground transportation company that has been doing thousands of monthly trips since 2009.


  • .NET
  • VUE,JS


  • Working together for +4 years
  • Integrations with Penske, Ryder, Freight Verify and AT&T
  • Saved +5000 hours of manual labor

FlexCoah’s days

A regular work day for FlexCoah’s operations team involves processing trips following predefined steps:

  • Receiving a trip request from Penske or Ryder
  • Going over multiple excel sheets to find an available truck
    and driver
  • Enabling GPS tracking by loading AT&Ts systems
  • Accessing Freight Verify platform for real time information
  • Constantly keep the stakeholders informed


Every step was done manually and hundreds of times a day, leading to heavy manual work.

They wanted to integrate their operation and be able to operate by interacting with only one platform in a user friendly way. The aim was to speed up work, reduce errors and improve trip status visibility.

Our challenge was to design and develop one platform to simplify and optimize the whole operation for the team.


We built a web platform for FlexCoah that successfully merged four different systems onto one screen through complex API and EDI integrations.

As a result, every stakeholder in the process (Penske, Ryder, Freight Verify and AT&T) has real time visibility of the whole logistic operations process, leading to strong efficiency and communication improvements.

FlexCoah 2

Now, a regular day at work for the operations team is just about managing
orders, trips and drivers
in one screen with a few clicks.

FlexCoah 1


  • Manual work of the Operations team was reduced by 84%
  • Four different platforms merged into only one
  • Trip status real time visibility
  • Increased visibility between different stakeholders allows more transparency and healthier business relations


NewCombin’s team is very professional.

They work very close to their clients; so close that they quickly become part of the company.

They perfectly understand every process, which allows them to identify the right need to be solved.

I highly recommend them.

Marisol Segura

General Manager – FlexCoah