Case Study

Embracing change through technology

The Logistics Wordl and The Food Tech are one of the biggest events planner of the logistics and food industries in Latin America. Every year they work to bring 20,000 attendees on-site during 2 days in a single venue.


  • AWS
  • PHP
  • .NET


  • Working together since 2020
  • Up to 5 engineers working on the project
  • Used fixed price & staff augmentation engagement models


The COVID-19 pandemic forced our client to do an 180 degree turn in their business and embrace change. They needed to go digital and offer virtual events, webinars and conferences.

The tech-driven change needed to happen as fast as possible, in order to be able to deliver value to their clients.

Spoiler Alert!

Strong challenge: to help a company on the digital transformation of their core business with a strong time constraint and hard deadlines.

Successfully developed a high-quality virtual events platform, and The Logistics World remains today the market leader.


Even though The Logistics World had a business value proposition based on on-site events that was interrupted by the COVID19 pandemic, within a 3 month period we managed to build the digital assets so they could continue to deliver value to their clients.

We built a reusable, customizable 360° virtual event platform that allows a strong brand communication, both for The Logistics World and their clients.

While enabling detailed activity tracking of every attendee, the platform grants a seamless real time communication between attendees and the event’s sponsors, and enable targeting specific messages at the right time.

As the platform traffic might have strong variations, it was built on AWS technology to guarantee site reliability during peak times, with thousands of concurrent users.


  • Successful virtual events platform built from scratch on time and on budget
  • Reusable platform used for more than 5 years, that complements now it’s core business
  • More than 8000 attendees per event
  • Platform with an easy set up for new conferences and webinars
  • 100% presence of our client’s brand across the platform


I really value NewCombin’s team, as well as the commitment and professionalism.

Just tell them what you need and they will know how to solve it.

We started with a small project and currently they manage every software development of our company, allowing the integration among all the areas of our company.

Laura Fernández

Events Director – The Logistics World