Case Study

Revolutionizing Digital Voting: NewCombin’s Custom Software Development for BallotBox

BallotBox is a leading digital voting services company in Chile committed to providing secure and accessible voting solutions for private and public companies worldwide. Their platform enables efficient and transparent voting processes, empowering users to participate in democratic decision-making.




  • Dedicated Managed Team Engagement
  • Platform saw improved accessibility and user engagement through enhanced user registration process
  • Full Back-End ReDesign and Implementation achieving a more robust platform


BallotBox faced the challenge of enhancing their platform to meet the diverse and evolving needs of users across different countries, particularly in terms of user registration and verification processes. Security, accessibility, and reliability were paramount. 

They needed a customized solution that could seamlessly integrate with government APIs for identity verification while ensuring a user-friendly experience.

They needed a partner who could understand the complexities of the voting process, ensure the security and integrity of the system, and deliver a seamless user experience for voters and administrators alike.


NewCombin embarked on a collaboration with BallotBox to develop custom software solutions aimed at enhancing their digital voting platform by implementing a registration process for a digital voting services company’s application with mind of user-friendliness and app robustness. The app allowed users to validate their identity before the voting process.

One of the key challenges addressed was enhancing the user registration process, particularly for users in Chile and other countries. For Chilean users, NewCombin integrated additional fields for document verification and leveraged government APIs for identity verification. Once verified, users underwent email and phone verification before receiving verification codes.

For users in other countries, NewCombin implemented email and phone verification processes, along with the issuance and verification of verification codes. Additionally, NewCombin developed a comprehensive logging system to track user activities and facilitated the publication of improvements on iOS and Android platforms.

Over time, the NewCombin team became more involved with Ballot Box. From
initially working on smaller projects, redesigning the Back-End of the app to
working on larger and more significant changes across the entire app and
providing technical and strategic value beyond development capabilities.

BallotBox 2

Benefits & Results

BallotBox’s digital voting platform saw improved accessibility and user engagement, empowering individuals and organizations to participate in democratic processes with ease. The seamless integration of frontend and backend technologies ensure smooth operation, security and reliability, enhancing the overall voting experience for users.

The custom software development provided by NewCombin enabled BallotBox to streamline their operations and improve platform functionality, leading to increased user engagement and satisfaction. With a comprehensive logging system in place, BallotBox gained valuable insights into user activities, facilitating continuous improvement and optimization of their platform.

Overall, NewCombin’s expertise in custom software development and partnership empowered BallotBox to achieve their objectives of enhancing digital democracy and revolutionizing the democratic process through innovative technology solutions.

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They carefully listened to our needs and were flexible in their approach to meet them.

Cesar Correa Parker

Founder & CEO –¬†BallotBox