Case Study

Product development for
Next-Generation Computational
Solutions for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiac and Vascular Disease

Covanos is an American health-tech company, working on the next-generation computational solution of diagnosis and treatment of cardiac and vascular diseases.


  • VUE.JS
  • VTK.JS


  • Working together since 2020
  • Up to 5 engineers working on the project
  • Used fixed price & staff augmentation engagement models


This technology, called C-HEART, guides clinical decisions regarding revascularization as well as determines the risk of future coronary events such as heart attacks.

C-HEART is a transformational and disruptive technology that addresses critical unmet medical needs for fast, accurate, non-invasive methods in the evaluation of chest pain in emergency departments.

Covanos was looking for a development partner to take the projects forward. They needed to refactor the prototype they had and build the main core features of the product. The technical Challenge was huge and the time available was really short.


NewCombin’s team developed C-HEART, aiming to launch its first productive version.

After a quick refactor, we develop the product roadmap, including complex features as 3D real time mesh deformation and interacting with clinical studies.

The biggest challenge was to build complex features on top of legacy code, while delivering on time and budget. In order to deliver, the team needed to use scientific coding libraries and solve complex applied mathematics and algebra challenges.

The platform utilizes readily-available non-invasive, imagining modalities such as coronary computed tomography angiography coupled to an on-site, PC-based workstation, to determine in near real time both the anatomy and physiology of vascular disease.



Five consecutive high-complexity product development phases delivered on time and budget.

Due to our reliable work and team, we accomplished a partnership with our client and strengthened our long term relationship.


Working with NewCombin has been extremely satisfying.
Despite the imposition of demanding schedules and technical challenges, NewCombin has stayed on schedule and on budget throughout this development process.
They are professional and thorough – planning and executing their work in a very detailed fashion.
I highly recommend them as a development partner.

Brian Walsh

VP Commercial Development – Covanos.