Case Study

Empowering Sustainable Supply Chains: NewCombin’s Custom Software Development for Earthworm Foundation

Earthworm is a global non-profit organization headquartered in Switzerland, dedicated to creating scalable solutions for nature and people to thrive. With a focus on supply chain traceability, Earthworm works with companies worldwide to ensure sustainable practices are implemented across their supply chains, benefiting both the environment and communities.




  • Fixed Price Project with Phased Scopes over the course of ~2y
  • Centralized Supply Chain Management and Tracking
  • Process Automation and Improved Data Accuracy
  • Streamlined Operations, Better Reporting and Enhanced Collaboration


Managing supply chain studies using MS Excel, Earthworm faced challenges with significant growth and the need for a more robust system to handle large projects and clients. They required a solution that could streamline their operations, provide comprehensive supply chain tracking, and address grievances reported by third-party organizations.


NewCombin developed a custom software solution to systematize Earthworm’s supply chain tracking process and address their specific requirements. The software centralized the management of clients, suppliers, commodities, and grievances, replacing the manual processes conducted on Google Sheets.

Goals of the project included developing a data import tool, generating a relationship entity diagram, defining business rules for analysis, and creating data extraction tools for reporting and information sharing.

Additionally, NewCombin developed a user-friendly front-end interface and modules for Earthworm’s traceability, supply chain analysis, and grievances teams. Focus was on ensuring scalability, security, and efficiency in managing Earthworm’s supply chain data.

Benefits & Results

The custom software development provided by NewCombin enabled Earthworm to achieve significant improvements in managing sustainable supply chains and addressing grievances effectively. By centralizing supply chain data and automating processes, Earthworm streamlined operations, enhanced data accuracy, and improved collaboration among stakeholders.

Key benefits included:

  • Enhanced Supply Chain Tracking: The software provided comprehensive supply chain traceability, enabling Earthworm to monitor and assess the environmental and social impact of supply chain activities
  • Streamlined Operations: Automation of manual processes and data management tasks increased efficiency and productivity for Earthworm’s teams
  • Improved Reporting: The software generated detailed reports and analysis, empowering Earthworm to share valuable insights with relevant stakeholders and drive informed decision-making
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Centralized data management and user-friendly interfaces facilitated collaboration among teams and improved communication across different time zones

Overall, NewCombin helped empower Earthworm to further their mission of promoting sustainable practices in supply chains worldwide, contributing to a healthier planet and thriving communities.