Case Study

Elevating Sales Software Development: NewCombin’s Success with Groundwork

Groundwork is a sales software development company specializing in solutions for residential contractors and home improvement companies dedicated to streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency for their clients.




  • 2 year long Dedicated Managed Team engagement
  • Up to 4 engineers working on the project adapting the team size according to the requirements over time
  • High level of responsiveness, reliability and work product


Groundwork faced the challenge of augmenting their development team at a time of significant growth. They needed to quickly meet the demands of multiple custom internal software projects while ensuring timely delivery and maintaining high-quality standards. They needed a partner who could seamlessly integrate into their workflow, respond to their needs promptly, and contribute to successful project outcomes.


NewCombin provided a dedicated managed team to Groundwork, collaborating closely with their team on various custom software development projects over nearly two years. With a focus on responsiveness and reliability, NewCombin became an integral part of Groundwork’s development process, contributing to the successful delivery of software projects on time and meeting the client’s objectives.

Benefits & Results

  • By providing up to four dedicated team members adapting the team size according to the requirements over time, NewCombin enabled Groundwork to scale their development capacity efficiently, ensuring timely delivery and high-quality outcomes
  • Groundwork appreciated the high level of responsiveness and reliability, as well as their effective communication through email, virtual meetings, and Slack. This collaboration fostered a positive work culture, characterized by trustworthiness and good character, which contributed to the overall success of the partnership
  • NewCombin’s services empowered Groundwork to meet their objectives and deliver exceptional software solutions to their clients. Through effective collaboration, timely delivery, and a focus on quality, the partnership between NewCombin and Groundwork achieved significant progress and success in sales software development


They were highly responsive to our needs and were generally on time with their delivery.

They worked at a high level and communicated well but maybe above all, seem to have a great culture of people with good character and trustworthiness.

Ryan Lingle

Head of Engineering – Groundwork