Case Study

Elevating Healthcare Innovation: NewCombin’s Role in Snap eHealth’s Product Development Journey

Snap eHealth is revolutionizing healthcare accessibility by simplifying Medicare Annual Wellness Visits, ensuring patients receive comprehensive care efficiently. Their platform streamlines the process, making it easier for healthcare providers to conduct wellness visits and deliver personalized care to patients.


  • JIRA
  • AHA IO


  • Staff Augmentation and Product Development engagement
  • Building the product roadmap; identifying, prioritizing, defining and refining features for development
  • Continuous optimization and improvement of Product Development processes


Snap eHealth faced the challenge of refining and expanding their platform to meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers and patients. They required expert guidance in product design and development to enhance user experience, prioritize features effectively, and optimize their development processes.


NewCombin partnered with Snap eHealth, providing a tailored product development and staff augmentation service to address their challenges effectively. As part of this collaboration, NewCombin deployed a highly qualified Product Owner to work closely with Snap eHealth’s team. This Product Owner played a pivotal role in building the product roadmap, identifying, prioritizing, and defining features for development.

Additionally, NewCombin facilitated the documentation of epics and stories, refining them in collaboration with the development team. Through continuous refinement and optimization, Snap eHealth’s product development processes are being enhanced, achieving greater efficiency and fidelity in roadmap documentation.

Benefits & Results

  • NewCombin’s involvement brought tangible benefits and results to Snap eHealth’s product development journey. By providing expert guidance and augmenting the team with a dedicated Product Owner, NewCombin empowered Snap eHealth to refine their platform effectively, enhancing user experience and functionality
  • Moreover, the partnership facilitates continuous improvement in Snap eHealth’s product development processes, leading to greater efficiency and productivity. The adoption of new tools and methodologies, guided by NewCombin’s expertise, enabled Snap eHealth to evolve their product rapidly while maintaining high standards of quality and reliability
  • Overall, NewCombin’s tailored solution enabled Snap eHealth to drive innovation in healthcare delivery, making Medicare Annual Wellness Visits more accessible and convenient for patients and healthcare providers alike